cropped-writ1.jpgYou know when you see something and think ‘I could totally do that’. Well, that’s what I started doing when I was reading fiction. For years I walked round with this arrogant thought germinating in my head, but in typical human fashion, did absolutely nothing about it.

I remember the day I actually started writing something down. I was in a Travelodge in Edinburgh and I had a sudden burst of inspiration. I couldn’t possibly hold in these words any longer. All I could find to write on was a copy of that day’s Metro, so I scribbled a few inspired lines round the edges of the articles. I’ve still got it somewhere, but would probably die of cringe if I read it now.

From that day I started trying to write a story. How hard could it be?

Turns out massively. Like, soul-destroyingly so. So I just let the thought sink to the back of my mind, kept on reading great (and mediocre) fiction and started keeping a diary. And I never, ever showed anything I’d written to anyone.

Until… I saw a free writing workshop advertised in a trendy Manchester book shop. (Insert cliche here.)

I’ve since taken part in two fantastic evening courses on the short story form (via CommaPress and Creative Industries Trafford), completed a Futurelearn course on fiction writing and met some brilliant and helpful fellow writers, all of which has led to my first publishing credit in a collection of stories by new writers published by Commapress. (Majorly proud moment).

Now I’ve now set myself a goal of getting 25 rejections in 2017 and my sister has dared me to start this blog and post at least once a week to document the highs and lows of my year of writing. So here goes…

I’d love to hear from you if any of this rings true for you, if you want a second pair of eyes on your draft or if you know of any great opportunities for me to partake in and/or share.