I’ve refreshed my rejection-ometer for 2018. This year I’m going to aim high. 100 rejections! I’ve decided to join in with Writers’ HQ’s 100 submissions in 2018. It seems completely overwhelming, I’ve no idea whether I can produce that many words, but I’ve got to give it a whirl.


The incomparable Michelle Green passed on some great advice to the Manchester cohort of Commapress short story course students last year.

We’d all love to see our work published, but all too often that voice in our heads that’s scared of rejection will get too persuasive and will talk us out of submitting writing, equaling a precisely zero percent chance of getting published. So on Michelle’s advice, it’s best to face the fear head on and set a target of achieving a certain number of rejections in a year. It is strangely motivating.

My final 2017 stats were:

47 submissions

10 rejections

11 publishing credits.