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Falling off the writing wagon


imageOk, so my new year’s resolution was to write a post each week. Alas, this hasn’t happened. But I’m going to bypass the huge temptation to just shove the blog idea to one side after just three posts and treat it as a small pothole in the road.

Every writer is super busy. There will always be tasks that have to come higher up on the priority list than writing. I’ve read all the advice and digested all the tips but basically, the only way to get around it… is to write. Even for ten minutes a day or ten minutes a day three times a week. This is what I need to do now. Amongst a million other things such as actually telling a few people about this blog and finishing the three pieces I’ve started. Then I just need to get submitting. I’ve got a long old way to go to reach my target of 25 rejections in 2017.

I’ve fallen off the writing wagon and it’s only January. Ouch. But I’m getting back on today.

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