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Publishing day! Little Acorn Short Story Anthology

I’m doing a little dance at my desk right now. Because…it’s publishing day! My story, along with 14 others by talented, new authors, features in the Little Acorn Short Story Anthology.

It’s available right here in paperback. (The current price is a limited time offer). 

thumbnail_Anthology (1)

I’m proud to have had my short story Un-friending, selected for this anthology. The only reason I even sent anything was because (amazing writer) Michelle Green dared everyone who took part in the Comma Press Manchester short story course last year to submit to a particular opportunity. I just so happened to pick the one with the very tight deadline. I didn’t have much confidence in my piece but I figured there was no harm in sending it. A few months later it’s available for the world to read. I’m super chuffed and looking forward to the postman arriving so I can read all 15 short stories. Massive thanks to Michelle and to my course buddies who critiqued the piece.

thumbnail_Anthology B


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