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Ellipsis for blog

My blog has lain a bit dormant recently but I’m pleased to say it’s not a reflection on my writing in general! It’s been a different time for me on my writing journey. I have been planning my first novel (which still sounds quite ridiculous to me!) Massively helped along by the Writers HQ Plotstormers course and the amazing grrrls from Write Like a Girl in Manchester.

I’ve also been making a concerted effort to send out some of my work which has been sitting around in folders.

A massive thank you to two of my favourite online literary journals Ellipsis Zine and The Cabinet of Heed. I’m a big fan of both (do check them out!) and am proud to say they have both recently featured my writing. If you have a few minutes to spare do have a read about a woman going back to a special place to see if love still exists and my anxiety as a child when trying to understand stuff on the news.

The Darkest Colour – The Cabinet of Heed

Behind Glass – Ellipsis Zine

Now…back to NaNoWriMo prep! Eek.




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