Help. I’ve run out of ideas. I’ll never write again.

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I’ve just sat down to write a blog post about my recent tough writing patch. About how a busy work and life period has left me unable to scrape the barrel of my mind for any words or stories. Even writing this post seems like a daunting task right now.

I know, maybe a profound quote from a prolific writer will inspire me. I’ll fetch my copy of Jon Winokur’s ‘Advice to Writers’ from the shelf. (A nice little charity shop find a couple of years ago).

Aha. Page 190 is the section on ‘Writer’s Block’. This will be a good place to start.

But hang on a minute, all these quotes are so contradictory and confusing. Joyce Carol Oates says writer’s block doesn’t exist. Quentin Crisp says it does but we should just ignore it; ‘…you never stop speaking, why stop writing?’

That’s great. Now I feel less inspired and even more disheartened and confused.

Wait…I’ve found one I like. One that might give me that tiny glimmer of hope I need to trust that my well of stories hasn’t run dry. It comes from Toni Morrison.


This. This makes me feel so much better. I’m allowed to sometimes not have ‘it’.

I’ve had a few successes this year which I’m really proud of and I guess it’s human nature to want more.

Unfortunately, other things have been sapping my energy and ideas recently and on the couple of occasions I’ve had time to write, nothing has come. Even brainstorming around prompts has led to zilch. I felt like a failure.

Balls to that! I’m going to stick Toni’s quote on my wall to remember it, but more importantly I’ll remember all the supportive, motivational and lovely words that have come from the online writing community. Thank you guys! It’s so nice to feel a part of this. To know we’ve all got each other’s backs in times of triumph and times of despair is a wonderful thing.


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I’m currently writing my debut novel, ‘Up to the Stars’ (working title). If you love the work of Rachel Joyce, Mike Gayle, Kit de Wall, Beth O’Leary and Lia Louis, then I’m writing my book for you. What else might you like to know? I’m a Yorkshire lass in Manchester. I married my childhood sweetheart. I regularly engage in tsundoku – apparently it’s a Japanese word which means buying lots of books that you’ll never get round to reading. I also sing.

One thought on “Help. I’ve run out of ideas. I’ll never write again.

  1. I understand this feeling. Sometimes nothing comes easily does it? I found the Ad Hoc prompt this week very difficult to work with but managed to write and submit something finally yesterday! I say don’t stress and enjoy Christmas!

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