Is it bad to shout about writing successes?

Okay so, I may just have been Googling articles about how to publicly celebrate achievements without sounding like a braggy braggerson. Because, basically, I am really frickin’ proud of my writing achievements this year and I, like many of my fellow writing peers, would like the celebrate these!

We’ve all worked really blooming hard to achieve them, whatever they may be. Some have signed book deals (in my dreams!) and some have had a little gem of a 75 word story published on Paragraph Planet (yay!) So what is wrong with giving ourselves a big pat on the back?

20171229_134402When I think back to being me at the end of 2016, sitting at my laptop creating a new blog, with all the best intentions in the world, I could only dream of having a couple of writing credits to proudly add to my bio. I could only dream of being able to hold a piece of print in my hand with my story in it (that hadn’t come out of my own printer). And I could only dream of having written something that I would willingly allow another person to read. To little 2016 me, these seemed pie in the sky.

To be fair, I have definitely failed on some goals:

  • Blogging once a week (LOL)
  • Getting 25 rejections (oh well)
  • Taking part in NanoWriMo (ROFL)

But in 2017 I have actually achieved the following:

  • Been published 10 times including some of my favourite places Ellipsis Zine and Spelk
  • Made 47 submissions (compared to 2 in 2016)
  • Attended Swanwick Writers’ Summer School on the Topwrite programme
  • Placed joint first in a flash fiction competition at Swanwick
  • Received 10 rejections
  • Won first place in the Zeroflash competition
  • Judged the Zeroflash competition
  • Written 21 blog posts
  • Had 514 individual visitors to my blog from all over the world
  • Made countless connections to writers online and IRL who inspire me every day
  • Joined (and sporadically attended) a short story critique group
  • And probably some other things that I can’t think of right now


If you’d shown me the above list this time last year I never would have believed it was about me. It’s been a roller coaster writing year of celebrations, disappointments and major confidence crises, but I’m pretty darn chuffed.

I guess now is the time to set myself some goals for 2018. Fingers crossed for another positive year of writing.

Anyway, enough about me. I would LOVE, LOVE to hear about your writing successes. Go on, I dare you. Let’s not hide our lights under bushels. You rock!

Here’s to a writerly and success-filled 2018.


Published by JanelleHAuthor

I’m currently writing my debut novel, ‘Up to the Stars’ (working title). If you love the work of Rachel Joyce, Mike Gayle, Kit de Wall, Beth O’Leary and Lia Louis, then I’m writing my book for you. What else might you like to know? I’m a Yorkshire lass in Manchester. I married my childhood sweetheart. I regularly engage in tsundoku – apparently it’s a Japanese word which means buying lots of books that you’ll never get round to reading. I also sing.

2 thoughts on “Is it bad to shout about writing successes?

  1. What an amazing year you’ve had, Janelle, and you’re absolutely right to be proud. It’s not bragging when we share out writing success – it’s motivating and inspirational for other writers as well as ourselves. I,for one, love your work!!! Be loud and be proud!

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  2. Ah thank you so so much, Donna. That’s so lovely to hear! I am the same, I get such a thrill seeing other people doing well with their writing. It gives me hope and encourages me to keep going. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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